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Psalms 109:22


For I am oppressed and needy, and my heart beats violently within me. 1 


2Ki 4:27; Job 6:4; Ps 22:6; Ps 40:17; Ps 86:1; Ps 88:15,16; Ps 102:4; Ps 102:17-20; Ps 109:16; Isa 53:3; Mt 8:20; Lu 22:44; Joh 12:27; 2Co 8:9

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tc The verb in the Hebrew text (חָלַל, khalal) appears to be a Qal form from the root חלל meaning “pierced; wounded.” However, the Qal of this root is otherwise unattested. The translation assumes an emendation to יָחִיל (yakhil), a Qal imperfect from חוּל (khul, “tremble”) or to חֹלַל (kholal), a polal perfect from חוּל (khul). See Ps 55:4, which reads לִבִּי יָחִיל בְּקִרְבִּי (libbiy yakhil bÿqirbbiy, “my heart trembles [i.e., “beats violently”] within me”).

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