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Psalms 107:33


He turned 1  streams into a desert, springs of water into arid land,


1Ki 17:1-7; 1Ki 18:5; Isa 13:19-21; Isa 19:5-10; Isa 34:9,10; Isa 42:15; Isa 44:27; Isa 50:2; Jer 14:3; Eze 30:12; Joe 1:20; Am 4:7,8; Na 1:4; Zep 2:9,13

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tn The verbal form appears to be a preterite, which is most naturally taken as narrational. (The use of prefixed forms with vav [ו] consecutive in vv. 36-37 favor this.) The psalmist may return to the theme of God’s intervention for the exiles (see vv. 4-22, especially vv. 4-9). However, many regard vv. 33-41 as a hymnic description which generalizes about God’s activities among men. In this case it would be preferable to use the English present tense throughout (cf. NEB, NRSV).

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