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Psalms 106:33


for they aroused 1  his temper, 2  and he spoke rashly. 3 


Ge 30:1; Ge 35:16-18; Nu 20:10,11; Job 2:10; Job 38:2; Job 40:4,5; Job 42:7,8; Ps 39:1; Ps 141:3; Jas 3:2

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tn The Hebrew text vocalizes the form as הִמְרוּ (himru), a Hiphil from מָרָה (marah, “to behave rebelliously”), but the verb fits better with the object (“his spirit”) if it is revocalized as הֵמֵרוּ (hemeru), a Hiphil from מָרַר (marar, “to be bitter”). The Israelites “embittered” Moses’ “spirit” in the sense that they aroused his temper with their complaints.

tn Heb “his spirit.”

tn The Hebrew text adds “with his lips,” but this has not been included in the translation for stylistic reasons.

sn Verses 32-33 allude to the events of Num 20:1-13.

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