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Psalms 104:13


He waters the mountains from the upper rooms of his palace; 1  the earth is full of the fruit you cause to grow. 2 


De 11:11; Job 38:25-28,37; Ps 65:9-13; Ps 104:3; Ps 147:8; Jer 10:13; Jer 14:22; Am 9:6; Mt 5:45; Ac 14:17

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tn Heb “from his upper rooms.”

tn Heb “from the fruit of your works the earth is full.” The translation assumes that “fruit” is literal here. If “fruit” is understood more abstractly as “product; result,” then one could translate, “the earth flourishes as a result of your deeds” (cf. NIV, NRSV, REB).

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