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Proverbs 4:17


For they eat bread 1  gained from wickedness 2  and drink wine obtained from violence. 3 


Job 24:5,6; Ps 14:4; Pr 9:17; Pr 20:17; Jer 5:26-28; Eze 22:25-29; Am 8:4-6; Mic 3:5; Mic 6:12; Zep 3:3; Mt 23:14; Jas 5:4,5

NET © Notes

tn The noun is a cognate accusative stressing that they consume wickedness.

tn Heb “the bread of wickedness” (so KJV, NAB, NIV, NRSV). There are two ways to take the genitives: (1) genitives of apposition: wickedness and violence are their food and drink (cf. TEV, CEV, NLT), or (2) genitives of source: they derive their livelihood from the evil they do (C. H. Toy, Proverbs [ICC], 93).

tn Heb “the wine of violence” (so KJV, NAB, NIV, NRSV). This is a genitive of source, meaning that the wine they drink was plundered from their violent crime. The Hebrew is structured in an AB:BA chiasm: “For they eat the bread of wickedness, and the wine of violence they drink.” The word order in the translation is reversed for the sake of smoothness and readability.

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