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Proverbs 30:8


Remove falsehood and lies 1  far from me; do not give me poverty or riches, feed me with my allotted portion 2  of bread, 3 


Ge 28:20; Ge 48:15,16; Ex 16:15,18,21,22,29,35; 2Ki 25:30; Ps 62:9,10; Ps 119:29,37; Pr 21:6; Pr 22:8; Pr 23:5; Ec 1:2; Isa 5:18; Isa 59:4; Jer 37:21; Jer 52:34; Mt 6:11,33; Lu 11:3; Joh 2:8; Ac 14:15; 1Ti 6:6-8

NET © Notes

tn The two words might form a hendiadys: “falsehood and lies” being equivalent to “complete deception.” The word שָׁוְא means “false; empty; vain; to a false purpose.” The second word means “word of lying,” thus “a lying word.” Taken separately they might refer to false intentions and false words.

tn The word חֹק (khoq) means “statute”; it is also used of a definite assignment in labor (Exod 5:14; Prov 31:15), or of a set portion of food (Gen 47:22). Here it refers to food that is the proper proportion for the speaker.

sn Agur requested an honest life (not deceitful) and a balanced life (not self-sufficient). The second request about his provision is clarified in v. 9.

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