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Proverbs 28:27


The one who gives to the poor will not lack, 1  but whoever shuts his eyes to them 2  will receive 3  many curses. 4 


De 15:7,10; Ps 41:1-3; Ps 112:5-9; Pr 11:26; Pr 19:17; Pr 22:9; Pr 24:24; Isa 1:15; 2Co 9:6-11; Heb 13:16

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sn The generous individual will be rewarded. He will not lack nor miss what he has given away to the poor.

tn Heb “hides his eyes”; “to them” is supplied in the translation to indicate the link with the poor in the preceding line. Hiding or closing the eyes is a metonymy of cause or of adjunct, indicating a decision not to look on and thereby help the poor. It could also be taken as an implied comparison, i.e., not helping the poor is like closing the eyes to them.

tn The term “receives” is not in the Hebrew text but is implied, and is supplied in the translation.

sn The text does not specify the nature or the source of the curses. It is natural to think that they would be given by the poor who are being mistreated and ignored. Far from being praised for their contributions to society, selfish, stingy people will be reviled for their heartless indifference.

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