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Proverbs 28:22


The stingy person 1  hastens after riches and does not know that poverty will overtake him. 2 


Ge 13:10-13; Ge 19:17; Job 20:18-22; Job 27:16,17; Pr 23:6; Pr 28:20; Mt 20:15; Mr 7:22; 1Ti 6:9

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tn Heb “a man with an evil eye” (as opposed to the generous man who has a “good” eye). This individual is selfish, unkind, unsympathetic to others. He looks only to his own gain. Cf. NAB “The avaricious man”; NLT “A greedy person.”

sn The one who is hasty to gain wealth is involved in sin in some way, for which he will be punished by poverty. The idea of “hastening” after riches suggests a dishonest approach to acquiring wealth.

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