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Proverbs 28:14


Blessed is the one who is always cautious, 1  but whoever hardens his heart 2  will fall into evil.


Ex 7:22; Ex 14:23; Job 9:4; Ps 2:11; Ps 16:8; Ps 112:1; Pr 23:17; Pr 29:1; Isa 66:2; Jer 32:40; Ro 2:4; Ro 11:20; Heb 4:1; 1Pe 1:17

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tn Most commentators (and some English versions, e.g., NIV) assume that the participle מְפַחֵד (mÿfakhed, “fears”) means “fears the Lord,” even though “the Lord” is not present in the text. Such an assumption would be more convincing if the word יִרְאַת (yirat) had been used. It is possible that the verse refers to fearing sin or its consequences. In other words, the one who is always apprehensive about the nature and consequences of sin will avoid sin and find God’s blessing. Of course the assumption that the phrase means “fear the Lord” could be correct as well. There would be little difference in the outcome; in either case sin would be avoided.

sn The one who “hardens his heart” in this context is the person who refuses to fear sin and its consequences. The image of the “hard heart” is one of a stubborn will, unyielding and unbending (cf. NCV, TEV, NLT). This individual will fall into sin.

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