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Proverbs 27:23


Pay careful attention to 1  the condition of your flocks, 2  give careful attention 3  to your herds,


Ge 31:38-40; Ge 33:13; Ex 7:23; De 32:46; 1Sa 17:28; 1Ch 27:29-31; 2Ch 26:10; Pr 24:32; Eze 34:22-24,31; Joh 21:15-17; 1Pe 5:2

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tn The sentence uses the infinitive absolute and the imperfect from יָדַע (yada’, “to know”). The imperfect here has been given the obligatory nuance, “you must know,” and that has to be intensified with the infinitive.

tn Heb “the faces of your flock.”

tn The idiom is “place [it on] your heart” or “take to heart.” Cf. NLT “put your heart into.”

sn The care of the flock must become the main focus of the will, for it is the livelihood. So v. 23 forms the main instruction of this lengthy proverb (vv. 23-27).

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