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Proverbs 25:3


As the heaven is high 1  and the earth is deep so the hearts of kings are unsearchable. 2 


1Ki 4:29; Ps 103:11; Isa 7:11; Isa 55:9; Ro 8:39; 1Pe 1:7

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tn Heb “heavens for height and earth for depth.” The proverb is clearly intending the first line to be an illustration of the second – it is almost emblematic parallelism.

sn The proverb is affirming a simple fact: The king’s plans and decisions are beyond the comprehension of the common people. While the king would make many things clear to the people, there are other things that are “above their heads” or “too deep for them.” They are unsearchable because of his superior wisdom, his caprice, or his need for secrecy. Inscrutability is sometimes necessary to keep a firm grip on power.

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