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Proverbs 24:8


The one who plans to do evil will be called a scheming person. 1 


1Ki 2:44; Ps 21:11; Pr 6:14,18; Pr 14:22; Pr 24:2,9; Isa 10:7-13; Isa 32:7; Eze 38:10,11; Na 1:11; Ro 1:30

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tn Heb “possessor of schemes”; NAB “an intriguer.” The picture of the wicked person is graphic: He devises plans to do evil and is known as a schemer. Elsewhere the “schemes” are outrageous and lewd (e.g., Lev 18:7; Judg 20:6). Here the description portrays him as a cold, calculating, active person: “the fool is capable of intense mental activity but it adds up to sin” (W. McKane, Proverbs [OTL], 399).

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