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Proverbs 23:9


Do not speak in the ears of a fool, 1  for he will despise the wisdom of your words. 2 


Pr 9:7,8; Pr 26:4,5; Isa 36:21; Mt 7:6; Lu 16:14; Joh 8:52; Joh 9:30-34,40; Joh 10:20; Ac 13:45,46; Ac 17:18,32; Ac 28:25-28; 1Co 1:21-24; 1Co 4:10-13

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sn The mention of “the ears” emphasizes the concerted effort to get the person’s undivided attention. However, a fool rejects instruction and discipline.

sn Saying number nine indicates that wisdom is wasted on a fool. The literature of Egypt has no specific parallel to this one.

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