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Proverbs 22:2


The rich and the poor meet together; 1  the Lord is the creator of them both. 2 


1Sa 2:7; Job 31:15; Job 34:19; Ps 49:1,2; Pr 14:31; Pr 29:13; Lu 16:19,20; 1Co 12:21; Jas 2:2-5

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tn The form of the verb is the Niphal perfect of פָּגַשׁ (pagash); it means “to meet together [or, each other]” (cf. KJV, ASV). The point is that rich and poor live side by side in this life, but they are both part of God’s creation (cf. NAB, NASB “have a common bond”). Some commentators have taken this to mean that they should live together because they are part of God’s creation; but the verb form will not sustain that meaning.

tn Heb “all.” The Lord is sovereign over both groups, that is, he has had the final say whether a person is rich or poor. People would do well to treat all people with respect, for God can as easily reduce the rich to poverty as raise up the poor to wealth.

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