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Proverbs 20:11


Even a young man 1  is known 2  by his actions, whether his activity is pure and whether it is right. 3 


Ps 51:5; Ps 58:3; Pr 21:8; Pr 22:15; Mt 7:16; Lu 1:15,66; Lu 2:46,47; Lu 6:43,44

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sn In the first nine chapters of the book of Proverbs the Hebrew term נַעַר (naar) referred to an adolescent, a young person whose character was being formed in his early life.

sn The Hebrew verb נָכַר (nakhar) means “to recognize” more than simply “to know.” Certain character traits can be recognized in a child by what he does (cf. NCV “by their behavior”).

sn Character is demonstrated by actions at any age. But the emphasis of the book of Proverbs would also be that if the young child begins to show such actions, then the parents must try to foster and cultivate them; if not, they must try to develop them through teaching and discipline.

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