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Proverbs 18:13


The one who gives an answer 1  before he listens 2  – that is his folly and his shame. 3 


De 13:14; 2Sa 16:4; 2Sa 19:24-30; Es 3:10-15; Es 8:5-17; Job 29:16; Da 6:9,14; Joh 7:51

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tn Heb “returns a word”; KJV “He that answereth a matter.”

sn Poor listening and premature answering indicate that the person has a low regard for what the other is saying, or that he is too absorbed in his own ideas. The Mishnah lists this as the second characteristic of the uncultured person (m. Avot 5:7).

tn Heb “it is folly to him and shame.” The verse uses formal parallelism, with the second colon simply completing the thought of the first.

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