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Proverbs 16:33


The dice are thrown into the lap, 1  but their every decision 2  is from the Lord. 3 


Nu 26:55-65; Jos 7:14; Jos 18:5,10; 1Sa 14:41,42; Ne 11:1; Jon 1:7; Ac 1:26

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tn Heb “the lot is cast.” Because the ancient practice of “casting lots” is unfamiliar to many modern readers, the imagery has been updated to “throwing dice.”

sn The proverb concerns the practice of seeking divine leading through casting lots. For a similar lesson, see Amenemope (18, 19:16-17, in ANET 423).

tn Heb “all its decision.”

sn The point concerns seeking God’s will through the practice. The Lord gives guidance in decisions that are submitted to him.

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