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Proverbs 16:19


It is better to be lowly in spirit 1  with the afflicted than to share the spoils 2  with the proud.


Ex 15:9; Ps 34:18; Ps 138:6; Isa 9:3; Isa 10:6,13-15; Isa 53:12; Isa 57:15; Mt 5:3; Lu 1:51-53; Lu 18:13,14

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tn Heb “low of spirit”; KJV “of an humble spirit.” This expression describes the person who is humble and submissive before the Lord and therefore inoffensive. It is always necessary to have a humble spirit, whether there is wealth or not.

tn Heb “than to divide plunder.” The word “plunder” implies that the wealth taken by the proud was taken violently and wrongfully – spoils are usually taken in warfare. R. N. Whybray translates it with “loot” (Proverbs [CBC], 95). The proud are in rebellion against God, overbearing and oppressive. One should never share the “loot” with them.

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