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Proverbs 16:18


Pride 1  goes 2  before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall. 3 


Es 3:5; Es 6:6; Es 7:10; Pr 11:2; Pr 17:19; Pr 18:12; Pr 29:23; Isa 2:11,12; Isa 37:10-13,38; Da 4:30-37; Da 5:22,24; Ob 1:3,4; Mt 26:33-35,74; Ro 11:20; 1Ti 3:6

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sn The two lines of this proverb are synonymous parallelism, and so there are parasynonyms. “Pride” is paired with “haughty spirit” (“spirit” being a genitive of specification); and “destruction” is matched with “a tottering, falling.”

tn Heb “[is] before destruction.”

sn Many proverbs have been written in a similar way to warn against the inevitable disintegration and downfall of pride. W. McKane records an Arabic proverb: “The nose is in the heavens, the seat is in the mire” (Proverbs [OTL], 490).

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