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Proverbs 15:9


The Lord abhors 1  the way of the wicked, but he loves those 2  who pursue 3  righteousness.


Ps 1:6; Ps 146:8,9; Pr 4:19; Pr 21:4,8; Pr 21:21; Isa 26:7; Isa 51:1,7; Jer 44:4; Ho 6:3; Hab 1:13; Mt 7:13; 1Ti 6:11; 2Ti 2:22

NET © Notes

tn Heb “an abomination of the Lord.” The term יְהוָה (yÿhvah, “the Lord”) functions as a subjective genitive: “the Lord abhors.”

tn Heb “the one who” (so NRSV).

sn God hates the way of the wicked, that is, their lifestyle and things they do. God loves those who pursue righteousness, the Piel verb signifying a persistent pursuit. W. G. Plaut says, “He who loves God will be moved to an active, persistent, and even dangerous search for justice” (Proverbs, 170).

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