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Proverbs 14:6


The scorner 1  seeks wisdom but finds none, 2  but understanding is easy 3  for a discerning person.


Ps 119:18,98-100; Pr 8:9; Pr 17:24; Pr 18:2; Pr 26:12; Isa 8:20; Jer 8:9; Mt 6:22,23; Mt 11:25-27; Mt 13:11,12; Ro 1:21-28; Ro 9:31,32; 1Co 3:18,19; 1Co 8:2; Jas 1:5; 2Pe 3:3-5

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sn The “scorner” (לֵץ, lets) is intellectually arrogant; he lacks any serious interest in knowledge or religion. He pursues wisdom in a superficial way so that he can appear wise. The acquisition of wisdom is conditioned by one’s attitude toward it (J. H. Greenstone, Proverbs, 149).

tn Heb “and there is not.”

sn The Niphal of קָלַל (qalal) means “to appear light; to appear trifling; to appear easy.”

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