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Proverbs 14:17


A person who has a quick temper 1  does foolish things, and a person with crafty schemes 2  is hated. 3 


Es 3:6; Es 7:5,6; Pr 6:18; Pr 12:2; Pr 12:16; Pr 14:29; Pr 15:18; Pr 16:32; Pr 22:24; Pr 29:22; Ec 7:9; Isa 32:7; Jer 5:26-29; Jas 1:19

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sn The proverb discusses two character traits that are distasteful to others – the quick tempered person (“short of anger” or impatient) and the crafty person (“man of devices”). C. H. Toy thinks that the proverb is antithetical and renders it “but a wise man endures” (Proverbs [ICC], 292). In other words, the quick-tempered person acts foolishly and loses people’s respect, but the wise man does not.

tn Heb “a man of devices.”

tc The LXX reads “endures” (from נָשָׂא, nasa’) rather than “is hated” (from שָׂנֵא, sane’). This change seems to have arisen on the assumption that a contrast was needed. It has: “a man of thought endures.” Other versions take מְזִמּוֹת (mÿzimmot) in a good sense; but antithetical parallelism is unwarranted here.

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