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Proverbs 12:1


The one who loves discipline loves knowledge, 1  but the one who hates reproof is stupid. 2 


Ps 32:9; Ps 92:6; Ps 119:27,97-100; Pr 2:10,11; Pr 5:12,13; Pr 8:17,32; Pr 9:7,8; Pr 18:1; Isa 1:3; 2Th 2:10

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sn Those who wish to improve themselves must learn to accept correction; the fool hates/rejects any correction.

sn The word בָּעַר (baar, “brutish; stupid”) normally describes dumb animals that lack intellectual sense. Here, it describes the moral fool who is not willing to learn from correction. He is like a dumb animal (so the term here functions as a hypocatastasis: implied comparison).

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