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Proverbs 10:24


What the wicked fears 1  will come on him; what the righteous desire 2  will be granted. 3 


Job 3:25; Job 15:21; Ps 21:2; Ps 37:4; Ps 145:19; Mt 5:6; Joh 14:18; Joh 16:24; Heb 10:27; 1Jo 5:14,15

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tn Heb “the dread of the wicked.” The noun רָשָׁע (rasha’, “wicked”) is a subjective genitive. The noun מְגוֹרַת (mÿgorat) refers to “the feared thing,” that is, what the wicked dread. The wicked are afraid of the consequences of their sinful actions; however, they cannot escape these consequences.

tn Heb “the desire of the righteous.” The noun צַדִּיק (tsadiq, “righteous”) is a subjective genitive.

tn Heb “it will give.” When used without an expressed subject, the verb יִתֵּן (yitten) has a passive nuance: “it will be granted.”

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