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Proverbs 10:21


The teaching 1  of the righteous feeds 2  many, but fools die 3  for lack of wisdom. 4 


Job 4:3,4; Job 23:12; Job 29:21,22; Ps 37:30; Pr 1:29,31; Pr 5:12,23; Pr 12:18; Pr 15:4; Pr 17:16; Ec 12:9,10; Jer 3:15; Jer 15:16; Ho 4:6; Mt 13:19; Joh 3:19,20; Joh 21:15-17; Ro 1:28; 1Pe 5:2

NET © Notes

tn Heb “lips.” The term “lips” functions as a metonymy of cause for what is said (or in this case taught).

tn The verb רָעָה (raah) means “to feed” or “to shepherd” (e.g., Gen 48:15). What they say will meet the needs of many.

tn In what sense the fool “dies” is unclear. Fools ruin their lives and the lives of others by their lack of discipline and knowledge. The contrast is between enhancing life and ruining life.

tn Heb “heart.” The term לֵב (lev, “heart”) functions as a metonymy of association for wisdom and knowledge (BDB 524 s.v. 3.a).

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