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Proverbs 10:15


The wealth of a rich person is like 1  a fortified city, 2  but the poor are brought to ruin 3  by 4  their poverty.


Job 31:24,25; Ps 49:6; Ps 52:7; Pr 14:20; Pr 18:11; Pr 19:7; Pr 22:22,23; Ec 7:12; Jer 9:23; Mic 2:1,2; Mr 10:24; Lu 12:19; 1Ti 6:17

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tn Heb “is.” This expression, “a rich man’s wealth is his strong city,” is a metaphor. The comparative particle “like” is supplied in the translation for the sake of clarity and smoothness.

tn Heb “a city of his strength.” The genitive עֹז (’oz, “strength”) functions as an attributive genitive: “strong city” = “fortified city.” This phrase is a metaphor; wealth protects its possessions against adversity like a fortified city. Such wealth must be attained by diligence and righteous means (e.g., 13:8; 18:23; 22:7).

tn Heb “the ruin of the poor.” The term דַּלִּים (dalim, “of the poor”) functions as an objective genitive. Poverty leads to the ruin of the poor. The term “ruin” includes the shambles in which the person lives. This provides no security but only the fear of ruin. This proverb is an observation on life.

tn Heb “is their poverty.”

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