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Proverbs 1:33


But the one who listens 1  to me will live in security, 2  and will be at ease 3  from the dread of harm.


Ps 25:12,13; Ps 81:13; Ps 112:7; Pr 3:21-26; Pr 8:32-35; Pr 9:11; Pr 14:26; Isa 26:3; Isa 48:18; Isa 55:3; Mt 17:5; Lu 21:9,19; Joh 10:27-29; Ro 8:35-39; 1Pe 1:5

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tn The participle is used substantivally here: “whoever listens” will enjoy the benefits of the instruction.

tn The noun בֶּטַח (betakh, “security”) functions as an adverbial accusative of manner: “in security.” The phrase refers to living in a permanent settled condition without fear of danger (e.g., Deut 33:12; Ps 16:9). It is the antithesis of the dread of disaster facing the fool and the simple.

tn The verb שַׁאֲנַן (shaanan) is a Palel perfect of שָׁאַן (shaan) which means “to be at ease; to rest securely” (BDB 983 s.v. שָׁאַן). Elsewhere it parallels the verb “to be undisturbed” (Jer 30:10), so it means “to rest undisturbed and quiet.” The reduplicated Palel stem stresses the intensity of the idea. The perfect tense functions in the so-called “prophetic perfect” sense, emphasizing the certainty of this blessing for the wise.

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