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Proverbs 1:29


Because 1  they hated moral knowledge, 2  and did not choose to fear the Lord, 3 


Job 21:14,15; Ps 50:16,17; Pr 1:22; Pr 5:12; Pr 6:23; Isa 27:11; Isa 30:9-12; Lu 10:42; Joh 3:20; Ac 7:51-54; Heb 11:25

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tn The causal particle תַּחַת כִּי (takhat ki, “for the reason that”) introduces a second accusation of sin and reason for punishment.

tn Heb “knowledge.” The noun דָעַת (daat, “knowledge”) refers to moral knowledge. See note on 1:7.

tn Heb “the fear of the Lord.” The noun is an objective genitive; the Lord is to be the object of fear. See note on 1:7.

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