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Philippians 2:25


But for now 1  I have considered it necessary to send Epaphroditus to you. For he is my brother, 2  coworker and fellow soldier, and your messenger 3  and minister 4  to me in my need. 5 


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NET © Notes

tn Grk “But.” The temporal notion (“for now”) is implied in the epistolary aorist (“I have considered”), for Epaphroditus was dispatched with this letter to the Philippians.

tn Grk “my brother” instead of “For he is my brother.” Verse 25 constitutes one sentence in Greek, with “my brother…” functioning appositionally to “Epaphroditus.”

sn The reason why Paul refers to Epaphroditus as his brother, coworker, fellow soldier, etc., is because he wants to build up Epaphroditus in the eyes of the Philippians, since Paul is sending him back instead of Timothy. This accent on Epaphroditus’ character and service is implied in the translation “For he is…

tn Grk “apostle.”

tn The Greek word translated “minister” here is λειτουργός (leitourgo").

tn Grk “servant of my need.”

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