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Numbers 9:10


“Tell the Israelites, ‘If any 1  of you or of your posterity become ceremonially defiled by touching a dead body, or are on a journey far away, then he may 2  observe the Passover to the Lord.


Nu 9:6,7; Mt 5:24; Ro 15:8-19; Ro 16:25,26; 1Co 6:9-11; 1Co 11:28; Eph 2:1,2,12,13; Eph 3:6-9

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tn This sense is conveyed by the repetition of “man” – “if a man, a man becomes unclean.”

tn The perfect tense with vav (ו) consecutive functions as the equivalent of an imperfect tense. In the apodosis of this conditional sentence, the permission nuance fits well.

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