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Numbers 6:25


The Lord make his face to shine upon you, and be gracious to you; 1 


Ge 43:29; Ex 33:19; Ps 21:6; Ps 31:16; Ps 67:1; Ps 80:1-3,7,19; Ps 119:135; Da 9:17; Mal 1:9; Joh 1:17

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tn Whereas the first line of the blessing had three Hebrew words, the second has five, and the third has seven. In this second line and the following third, the blessing takes the form of an emblem followed by the truth. For the Lord to make his face shine on them would mean to be gracious to them. M. Noth rightly calls this image of the shining face “a figure of speech for benevolence and favour” (Numbers [OTL], 59); see, for example, Pss 4:7; 31:17; 44:4; 67:2; 80:4, 8, 20; 119:135; Dan 9:17). The image may have its inspiration in the theophanies. The picture is of divine favor – the beaming face of a parent for his beloved.

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