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Numbers 5:22


and this water that causes the curse will go 1  into your stomach, and make your abdomen swell and your thigh rot.” 2  Then the woman must say, “Amen, amen.” 3 


Nu 5:27; De 27:15-26; Job 31:21,22,39,40; Ps 7:4,5; Ps 41:13; Ps 72:19; Ps 89:52; Ps 109:18; Pr 1:31; Eze 3:3; Joh 3:3,11; Joh 5:24,25; Joh 6:53

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tn The verb is the perfect tense with vav (ו) consecutive. It could be taken as a jussive following the words of the priest in the previous section, but it is more likely to be a simple future.

tn Heb “fall away.”

tn The word “amen” carries the idea of “so be it,” or “truly.” The woman who submits to this test is willing to have the test demonstrate the examination of God.

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