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Numbers 35:6


Now from these towns that you will give to the Levites you must select six towns of refuge to which a person who has killed someone may flee. 1  And you must give them forty-two other towns.


Nu 35:13,14; De 4:41-43; Jos 20:2-9; Jos 21:3,13,21,27,32,36,38; Ps 9:9; Ps 62:7,8; Ps 142:4,5; Isa 4:6; Mt 11:28; Heb 6:18

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tn The “manslayer” is the verb “to kill” in a participial form, providing the subject of the clause. The verb means “to kill”; it can mean accidental killing, premeditated killing, or capital punishment. The clause uses the infinitive to express purpose or result: “to flee there the manslayer,” means “so that the manslayer may flee there.”

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