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Numbers 17:10


The Lord said to Moses, “Bring Aaron’s staff back before the testimony to be preserved for a sign to the rebels, so that you may bring their murmurings to an end 1  before me, that they will not die.” 2 


Ex 16:32; Nu 16:38,40; Nu 17:5; De 31:19-26; 1Sa 2:12; 1Sa 30:22; Ps 57:4; Isa 1:2; Ho 10:9; Eph 2:2,3; Eph 5:6; Heb 9:4

NET © Notes

tn The verb means “to finish; to complete” and here “to bring to an end.” It is the imperfect following the imperative, and so introduces a purpose clause (as a final imperfect).

tn This is another final imperfect in a purpose clause.

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