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Numbers 16:41


But on the next day the whole community of Israelites murmured against Moses and Aaron, saying, “You have killed the Lord’s people!” 1 


Nu 14:2; Nu 16:1-7; Nu 16:3; 2Sa 16:7,8; 1Ki 18:17; Ps 106:13,23,25-48; Isa 26:11; Jer 37:13,14; Jer 38:4; Jer 43:3; Am 7:10; Mt 5:11; Ac 5:28; Ac 21:28; 2Co 6:8

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sn The whole congregation here is trying to project its guilt on Moses and Aaron. It was they and their rebellion that brought about the deaths, not Moses and Aaron. The Lord had punished the sinners. The fact that the leaders had organized a rebellion against the Lord was forgotten by these people. The point here is that the Israelites had learned nothing of spiritual value from the event.

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