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Numbers 13:27


They told Moses, 1  “We went to the land where you sent us. 2  It is indeed flowing with milk and honey, 3  and this is its fruit.


Ex 3:8,17; Ex 13:5; Ex 33:3; Le 20:24; Nu 14:8; De 1:25-33; De 6:3; De 11:9; De 26:9,11-15; De 27:3; De 31:20; Jos 5:6; Jer 11:5; Jer 32:22; Eze 20:6,15

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tn Heb “told him and said.” The referent (Moses) has been specified in the translation for clarity.

tn The relative clause modifies “the land.” It is constructed with the relative and the verb: “where you sent us.”

sn This is the common expression for the material abundance of the land (see further, F. C. Fensham, “An Ancient Tradition of the Fertility of Palestine,” PEQ 98 [1966]: 166-67).

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