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Numbers 13:20


and whether the land is rich or poor, and whether or not there are forests in it. And be brave, 1  and bring back some of the fruit of the land.” Now it was the time of year 2  for the first ripe grapes. 3 


Nu 13:23,24; Nu 13:30,31; De 31:6-8,23; Jos 1:6,9; Jos 2:3,22,23; 1Ch 22:11; Ne 9:25,35; Eze 34:14; Mic 7:1; Heb 13:6

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tn The verb is the Hitpael perfect with vav (ו) consecutive, from the root חָזַק (khazaq, “to be strong”). Here it could mean “strengthen yourselves” or “be courageous” or “determined.” See further uses in 2 Sam 10:12; 1 Kgs 20:22; 1 Chr 19:13.

tn Heb “Now the days were the days of.”

sn The reference to the first ripe grapes would put the time somewhere at the end of July.

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