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Numbers 11:23


And the Lord said to Moses, “Is the Lord’s hand shortened? 1  Now you will see whether my word to you will come true 2  or not!”


Ge 18:14; Nu 23:19; 2Ki 7:2,17-19; Ps 78:41; Isa 50:2; Isa 59:1; Jer 44:28,29; Eze 12:25; Eze 24:14; Mic 2:7; Mt 19:26; Mt 24:35; Lu 1:37

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sn This anthropomorphic expression concerns the power of God. The “hand of the Lord” is idiomatic for his power, what he is able to do. The question is rhetorical; it is affirming that his hand is not shortened, i.e., that his power is not limited. Moses should have known this, and so this is a rebuke for him at this point. God had provided the manna, among all the other powerful acts they had witnessed. Meat would be no problem. But the lack of faith by the people was infectious.

tn Or “will happen” (TEV); KJV “shall come to pass unto thee.”

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