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Numbers 1:4


And to help you 1  there is to be a man from each 2  tribe, each man 3  the head 4  of his family. 5 


Ex 18:25; Nu 1:16; Nu 2:3-31; Nu 7:10-83; Nu 10:14-27; Nu 13:2-15; Nu 17:3; Nu 25:4,14; Nu 34:18-28; Jos 22:14; 1Ch 27:1-22

NET © Notes

tn Heb “and with you.”

tn The construction uses the noun in a distributive sense: “a man, a man for a tribe,” meaning a man for each tribe.

tn The clause expresses a distributive function, “a man” means “each man.”

sn See J. R. Bartlett, “The Use of the Word ראשׁ as a Title in the Old Testament,” VT 19 (1969): 1-10.

tn Heb “the house of his fathers.”

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