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Nehemiah 11:31


Some of the descendants of 1  Benjamin settled in Geba, 2  Micmash, Aija, Bethel 3  and its villages,


Ge 12:8; Ge 28:19; Jos 8:9; Jos 18:13; Jos 18:24; 1Sa 13:11,23; Ne 7:30; Ne 7:31; Ne 7:32; Isa 10:28

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tc The translation reads with a few medieval Hebrew MSS and the Syriac Peshitta וּמִבְּנֵי (umibbÿney, “and some of the descendants of”; cf. NLT) rather than the MT reading וּבְנֵי (uvÿne, “and the sons of”).

tc Heb “from Geba.” It is preferable to delete the preposition “from” read by the MT.

map For location see Map4 G4; Map5 C1; Map6 E3; Map7 D1; Map8 G3.

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