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Micah 7:15


“As in the days when you departed from the land of Egypt, I will show you 1  miraculous deeds.” 2 


Ps 68:22; Ps 78:12-72; Isa 11:16; Isa 51:9; Isa 63:11-15; Jer 23:7,8

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tn Heb “him.” This probably refers to Israel in a collective sense. Because the switch from direct address to the third person is awkward, some prefer to emend the suffix to a second person form. In any case, it is necessary to employ a second person pronoun in the translation to maintain the connection for the English reader.

sn I will show you miraculous deeds. In this verse the Lord responds to the petition of v. 14 with a brief promise of deliverance.

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