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Micah 6:1


Listen to what the Lord says: “Get up! Defend yourself 1  before the mountains! 2  Present your case before the hills!” 3 


De 4:26; De 32:1; 1Sa 15:16; Ps 50:1,4; Isa 1:2; Isa 2:12-14; Jer 13:15; Jer 22:29; Eze 36:1,8; Eze 37:4; Am 3:1; Mic 1:2; Mic 1:4; Lu 19:40; Heb 3:7,8

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tn Or “plead your case” (NASB, NIV, NRSV); NAB “present your plea”; NLT “state your case.”

sn Defend yourself. The Lord challenges Israel to defend itself against the charges he is bringing.

sn As in some ancient Near Eastern treaties, the mountains are personified as legal witnesses that will settle the dispute between God and Israel.

tn Heb “let the hills hear your voice.”

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