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Matthew 27:19


As 1  he was sitting on the judgment seat, 2  his wife sent a message 3  to him: 4  “Have nothing to do with that innocent man; 5  I have suffered greatly as a result of a dream 6  about him today.”


Ge 20:3-6; Ge 31:24,29; Job 33:14-17; Pr 29:1; Isa 53:11; Zec 9:9; Mt 27:4,24; Lu 23:41,47; 1Pe 2:22; 1Jo 2:1

NET © Notes

tn Here δέ (de) has not been translated.

tn Or “the judge’s seat.”

sn The judgment seat (βῆμα, bhma) was a raised platform mounted by steps and usually furnished with a seat. It was used by officials in addressing an assembly or making official pronouncements, often of a judicial nature.

tn The word “message” is not in the Greek text, but is implied. Direct objects were frequently omitted in Greek when clear from the context.

tn Grk “saying.” The participle λέγουσα (legousa) is redundant here in contemporary English and has not been translated.

tn The Greek particle γάρ (gar, “for”) has not been translated here.

tn Or “suffered greatly in a dream.” See the discussion on the construction κατ᾿ ὄναρ (katonar) in BDAG 710 s.v. ὄναρ.

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