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Matthew 12:46


While Jesus 1  was still speaking to the crowds, 2  his mother and brothers 3  came and 4  stood outside, asking 5  to speak to him.


Mt 13:55; Mr 2:21; Mr 3:31-35; Mr 6:3; Lu 8:10,19-21; Joh 2:12; Joh 7:3,5,10; Ac 1:14; 1Co 9:5; Ga 1:19

NET © Notes

tn Grk “he”; the referent (Jesus) has been specified in the translation for clarity.

tn Grk “crowds, behold, his mother.” The Greek word ἰδού (idou) has not been translated because it has no exact English equivalent here, but adds interest and emphasis (BDAG 468 s.v. 1).

sn The issue of whether Jesus had brothers (siblings) has had a long history in the church. Epiphanius, in the 4th century, argued that Mary was a perpetual virgin and had no offspring other than Jesus. Others argued that these brothers were really cousins. Nothing in the text suggests any of this. See also John 7:3.

tn “His mother and brothers came and” is a translation of “behold, his mother and brothers came.”

tn Grk “seeking.”

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