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Matthew 10:10


no bag 1  for the journey, or an extra tunic, 2  or sandals or staff, 3  for the worker deserves his provisions.


1Sa 9:7; 1Sa 17:40; Lu 3:11; Lu 10:7-12; 1Co 9:4-14; Ga 6:6,7; 1Ti 5:17,18; 2Ti 4:13

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tn Or “no traveler’s bag”; or possibly “no beggar’s bag” (L&N 6.145; BDAG 811 s.v. πήρα).

tn Grk “two tunics.” See the note on the word “tunic” in Matt 5:40.

sn Mark 6:8 allows one staff. It might be that Matthew’s summary (cf. Luke 9:3) means not taking an extra staff or that the expression is merely rhetorical for “traveling light” which has been rendered in two slightly different ways.

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