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Mark 4:41


They were overwhelmed by fear and said to one another, “Who then is this? 1  Even the wind and sea obey him!” 2 


1Sa 12:18-20,24; Job 38:11; Ps 89:7; Jon 1:9,10,15,16; Mal 2:5; Mt 8:27; Mt 14:32; Mr 5:33; Mr 7:37; Lu 4:36; Lu 8:25; Heb 12:28; Re 15:4

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sn Jesus’ authority over creation raised a question for the disciples about who he was exactly (Who then is this?). This verse shows that the disciples followed Jesus even though they did not know all about him yet.

sn This section in Mark (4:35-5:43) contains four miracles: (1) the calming of the storm; (2) the exorcism of the demon-possessed man; (3) the giving of life to Jairus’ daughter; (4) the healing of the woman hemorrhaging for twelve years. All these miracles demonstrate Jesus’ right to proclaim the kingdom message and his sovereign authority over forces, directly or indirectly, hostile to the kingdom. The last three may have been brought together to show that Jesus had power over all defilement, since contact with graves, blood, or a corpse was regarded under Jewish law as causing a state of ritual uncleanness.

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