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Mark 4:2


He taught them many things in parables, 1  and in his teaching said to them:


Ps 49:4; Ps 78:2; Mt 7:28; Mt 13:3,10,34,35; Mr 3:23; Mr 4:11,34; Mr 12:38; Joh 7:16,17; Joh 18:19

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sn Though parables can contain a variety of figures of speech (cf. 2:19-22; 3:23-25; 4:3-9, 26-32; 7:15-17; 13:28), many times they are simply stories that attempt to teach spiritual truth (which is unknown to the hearers) by using a comparison with something known to the hearers. In general, parables usually advance a single idea, though there may be many parts and characters in a single parable and subordinate ideas may expand the main idea further. The beauty of using the parable as a teaching device is that it draws the listener into the story, elicits an evaluation, and demands a response.

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