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Mark 16:17


These signs will accompany those who believe: In my name they will drive out demons; they will speak in new languages; 1 


Lu 10:17; Joh 14:12; Ac 2:4-11,33; Ac 5:16; Ac 8:7; Ac 10:46; Ac 16:18; Ac 19:6; Ac 19:12-16; 1Co 12:10,28,30; 1Co 14:5-26

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tn Grk “tongues,” though the word is used figuratively (perhaps as a metonymy of cause for effect). To “speak in tongues” meant to “speak in a foreign language,” though one that was new to the one speaking it and therefore due to supernatural causes. For a discussion concerning whether such was a human language, heavenly language, or merely ecstatic utterance, see BDAG 201-2 s.v. γλῶσσα 2, 3; BDAG 399 s.v. ἕτερος 2; L&N 33.2-4; ExSyn 698; C. M. Robeck Jr., “Tongues,” DPL, 939-43.

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