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Luke 7:6


So 1  Jesus went with them. When 2  he was not far from the house, the centurion 3  sent friends to say to him, “Lord, do not trouble yourself, 4  for I am not worthy 5  to have you come under my roof.


Ge 32:10; Pr 29:23; Mt 3:11; Mt 5:26,27; Mt 20:28; Mr 5:24; Lu 5:8; Lu 7:4; Lu 8:49; Lu 15:19-21; Ac 10:38; Jas 4:6,10

NET © Notes

tn Here δέ (de) has been translated as “so” to indicate the resultative action.

tn The participle ἀπέχοντος (apeconto") has been taken temporally.

sn See the note on the word centurion in 7:2.

tn Or “do not be bothered.”

sn Note the humility in the centurion’s statement I am not worthy in light of what others think (as v. 4 notes). See Luke 5:8 for a similar example of humility.

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