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Luke 7:12


As he approached the town gate, a man 1  who had died was being carried out, 2  the only son of his mother (who 3  was a widow 4 ), and a large crowd from the town 5  was with her.


Ge 22:2,12; 2Sa 14:7; 1Ki 17:9,12,18,23; 2Ki 4:16,20; Job 29:13; Zec 12:10; Lu 8:42; Lu 8:52; Joh 11:19; Ac 9:39,41; 1Ti 5:4,5; Jas 1:27

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tn Grk “behold.” The Greek word ἰδού (idou) has not been translated because it has no exact English equivalent here, but adds interest and emphasis (BDAG 468 s.v. 1).

tn That is, carried out for burial. This was a funeral procession.

tn Grk “and she.” The clause introduced by καί (kai) has been translated as a relative clause for the sake of English style.

sn The description of the woman as a widow would mean that she was now socially alone and without protection in 1st century Jewish culture.

tn Or “city.”

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